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I admire your organization. Love your space!

Karen L K

Very nice!


Beautiful space!!

Karen Nalley

Where did you get the cube shelves, etc in the closet? Love it!


Beautiful, peaceful space! The small brown album on the top left in your closet caught my eye - could you tell me the make please? Thanks!

Stephanie Buice

I too believe there is a place for everything, the mess just gets to me! You have a great space, I really like your dresser idea :)


What size are your photos above your workspace? At first I thought they were 4x6. Upon further examination and based on size of things nearby & scale it looks like they might be a bit smaller.

Stephanie Bryan

Thanks everyone!!! I'm glad you like my favorite place in the world!!
@Karen.....the cube shelves are from Ikea...it's the Expedit; @Ucmondello...the brown album is the SC Woodgrain Handbook (it's so rad!); @Kari...you are right. The photos are 4x6. Let me know if anyone else has any questions!! :)


I do! Where did you get the baskets that are on the top shelf of your closet? They'd be perfect for my classroom...

Katie Bohn

Gorgeously organized space! Where did you get your ceramic lazy Susan?

Stephanie Bryan

@Sandra...the baskets are from Ikea; @Katie....the ceramic lazy Susan was a gift, but I think you can order them from amazon. :)


Love your space! What did you use to put your photos on the wall? I love this look!


Where are the tin and the yellow desktop containers from? Thanks! :)

Stephanie Bryan

@Christie....I actually just used washi tape. It seems to work pretty well! @Ashley....the tin is from the dollar spot at Target and the yellow container is from The Dollar Tree. :)

julie k

You have created such a gorgeous space! Thanks for sharing.

Gina Ponce

very nice. I wish my room could stay this organized! :)


Thanks Stephanie - thought it was that one! Have been waiting for ages for it to come back in stock!

Tracy Woods

Nice space...... Thanks for sharing......


LOVELY craft space! I like you, love a clean slate to work on and with everything in it's place, it's so easy to find just what you need. Thank you for sharing with us!(In all my years, I never thought of a dresser! That is a perfect storage idea. Especially in a room that has dual purpose.)


You make me want to go organize my space and get it clean like yours!! Love your space :)


Thank you for sharing...where did you get those wire baskets on the bottom shelves?

Cathy fong

Really love the clean and organized workspace...so inspiring.im gonna organize mine too


@Sharon...the wire baskets are from amazon.

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