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What a fun and unique space! LOVE your organizational ideas Julie!

Emily Branch

Super cute!! Love all the fun colors!

*Dream Weaver*

Thanks for the vid! #heart

Julie {CalleLillyCafe}

Cute space! The blue card has been on my wish list! Perhaps I should print out & leave on fridge! =P Love the idea of putting Thickers in the boxes!


Thanks for sharing. I got so many ideas!


Thanks for sharing Julie!

Joy Taylor

Love your sweet craft room Julie, it is so you, would love to pop in one day and craft with you xxx Hugs

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good video!! I am such a idolt on organizing. I need two days for cleaning my bedroom, and sort out some worn-out-clothes....

Crafty Kathy

Very Creative. Thanks for sharing. I also have a very small work area. It is kind of fun to organize because you do have to get really creative with your ideas. I actually have one of those Rollie Pollie things that was so popular years ago and use it for many of my embellishments. Sch great ideas.

Jeannine H

Thanks for the tour. I plan on a shopping trip to IKEA soon! I also have a very small craft space so it is nice to see that you don't necessarily need a large, beautiful, design magazine-ready space to create beautiful things!

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