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Like lots and lots!!!! Hmmmm, I'm in the process of designing my blog......something like this would be wonderful to use as a frame (template/clipping mask) for blog post pics. Thank you for the inspiration!!

Cara S

I love this idea and printed off the pdf for it. I was able to follow it easily for one block but when I tried to add others to the page and when I tried to clip photos into it I couldn't do it at all. Would it be possible to extend this tutorial a bit to explain how to add more blocks to the page and also how you can use the frame as a clipping mask for a photo as in your sample. Thanks


Hi Cara! To add more frames/blocks, you would just follow the same instructions for the first one. You need a new layer for the next frame, a new layer for the fill inside the frame, and another new layer on top with the brush you want to use (to clip to the fill inside the frame).

To use the frame as a clipping mask for the photo, you need 3 layers again: one layer for the frame, one layer for the fill inside the frame, and one more layer on top of that with your photo (instead of using a brush like my circular one), which would be clipped onto the fill inside the frame.

Hope that helps!

Cara S

Thanks for the speedy reply Geralyn, you make it sound straightforward(!) so I'll give it a go.

Cara S

And it worked!!!!:)


Yay! I'm glad it worked :)

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