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sherry c

can I just say I havent read thru the post yet, just got to the part where you said "you can craft from amywhere people" and I cant stop laughing. so true, so true. this is my life, however, I am no where near as organized as you. :) off to finish reading!

sherry c

awesome space, i love it!!


Love it!

Margie Visnick

Love this-drooling over your ink shelves!

Aisha Overstreet

I too craft in my bedroom. I need more shelving units tho.

Thanks for sharing.


Looks SO FRIGGING awesome!!!

Laurie H.

What brand of ink pads are those?


Lovely space!! I could take lessons from you!!

Crystal V

Love the space. Where did u get your carousel caddy?

Michelle Johnson

I love your little corner. It is so organized and it looks great. I am also very jealous of your ink and marker collections. :) Thanks for sharing.

Monica Blain

I have a scrapbook corner in my bedroom, too! It's actually funny - I have basically designed my bedroom around scrapbooking! I think the most helpful thing in a small space like that is WALL SHELVES! They have been a life saver. I see you get a lot of use out of your wall space, too!

Thanks for sharing :) Love your space!


This looks fantastic! What a great space! What kind of organizer do you use for the "TO USE" products? It looks nice and wide for 12x12 papers.


Thanks so much for the sweet comments! @Laurie H.- they are pigment inks from A Muse Studio- LOVE them! @Crystal V- the carousel caddy is from Michael's- pretty much all of the shelves and that caddy are from there! Easy to pick up with a 40% off coupon! @Gina- that organizer is Martha Stewart- picked it up at Staples!

Karen L K

Very nice organization! Great you could fit it in a corner of your room.

Judy Estrada

Nice way to organize a small space! It looks great!

Pat Goddard

Cute space. I had a 6ft x4ft space behind my sofa in the family room but now I have my spare bedroom back, YEAH! May I suggest al few things. Have your husband drill holes in your ribbon space so you can use a Dowel to put them on and gives you more room. I had my husband cut a piece of foam for the Carousel that side where the scissors are on (he used door insulation and it was sticky on one side)to place on the bottom and this way the scissors did not nick the carousel!

Joy Taylor

Love your sweet space Steph, it looks as though it is a perfect space to work in and design those beautiful cards of yours, hugs


Lovely space, so very organized. Wish I was half so organized. One question, though, where do you keep your paper?

stephanie washburn

@Crystal- believe it or not, I keep very little 12x12 paper because of storage issues. My favorites are kept in the filing cabinet section of my shelves and I have all of my cardstock in magazine file boxes. That's all I have! I donate a lot of stuff to my son's art teacher!


Thank you for sharing this peek! I love seeing work spaces that don't look like a craft store---with tons of space to make everything pretty rather than easy to use. I was too influenced by those images for years and have finally gotten smart and more productive.

One question---where did you find the plastic envelopes big enough to hold the page protectors? I don't like digging to find the size I want and this sounds like a great idea.


Love, love, love your space.. don't mind that's it is your bedroom at all!.. I started out that way too,lol..

Jasmine Marie

Love how you've made this space all your own. Great ideas. Thanks for sharing!


Love this post! I also craft in my bedroom and love seeing ideas like this to help me. I've got to get some of those button jars, fantastic.


Love your little corner. It is so organized and it looks great. Wonderful corner desk too!! ...and your ink collection... Wow!! Delicious!! (smile) What do you use to store your Copics in? It looks so neat. Thanks for sharing your ideas ...and enjoy your corner!! Blessings Karen xx


Love this space as well! So the organizer that you hold your project life page protectors is Martha Stewart? Where did u find the clear envelopes to fit the page protectors?? Would love to use this same system for mine!

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