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Thank you for sharing the messy photo too - I feel so much better about my mess - LOL!! Beautiful room messy or tidy :-)

Chelle K

Love your space. Love the mail sorter.


So so jealous of that mail sorter!!!! Love your space.


Oh wow I LOVE your room! Such a creative space and it is so organized. I love the wire baskets especially!!

Elisabeth Costa

LOVE your room!! Lots of character and adore your typewriter !!! Thanks for sharing:)


Lexi, your space is AMAZING!!!! I love everything about it, so jealous!! Not sure if my favorite part is your awesome desk or the expedit shelf with all those locker baskets! Thanks for sharing with us.

Marti Richards

Great post! I love that last photo! ;)


your room is awesome, Lexi! can you come do mine now?? ;)

Julie {CalleLillyCafe}

I have the same white expedit Ikea shelves! Love the wire baskets! Love the mail sorter too!


I love that workspace, it's like being in a dream!!!!!!

Erica Mattingly

Great space, cute accents! Love, love the real life photo the most, though. Made me laugh out loud. :)

Virginia Fynes

AH-mazing room! love those baskets and the mail sorter.

Michelle Vincent

Great room and thank you so much for posting a picture of what it normally looks like. =) I just got one of the Ikea carts and love it. I am also wondering where you got the buckets you have in the cart. That is the colour of my room and I would love them.

M Kent

Beautiful space...especially the last pic of the "real" look. Love it!!!


Hoping Lexi comes back and replies to some of these questions. I believe the desk is the Ikea Vika since it fits the drawers that are holding it up (I have the corner Vika desk and the same drawers). I'm wanting to know about the small white shelf that the LEGO robot is on...it would be perfect for my space and I've searched but couldn't find anything like it at IKEA (I'm assuming it was from there...).

Thank you for sharing the room. Love the white background for all your colorful goodies---and the wire baskets for your Thickers!


To answer some questions...yep--the desk is all ikea, as is the white metal shelf with the lego guy.
I found the aqua buckets in the cart in the $2.50 section at Target.
The wire baskets are old gym/swim locker baskets. I've found them in flea markets, thrift shops and also ebay :)

Shelley P

Love your simplicity! You've given me ideas. I'm off to Ikea now....see u later!


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