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lexi, this is gorgeous! i've been waiting to see the "reveal"! it really does look amazing. especially love the locker baskets in the expedit. and the gold dinosaurs are perfect!


That vintage mail sorter is to DIE FOR! LOVE this post- your room looks amazing- easy to work in and not to overly designed- those gold dynos are adorable. And I'll always appreciate a bit of realness with my fantasy- sorry your paper got dunked- that must have been awful- you recovered splendidly.


I have that exact same mail sorting table minus the mail slots.
It came out of my grandmother's postoffice which opened in the early 50s. I will treasure this table for the rest of my life, wishing I had the cubbies, but they are long lost.

Carolyn Carter

Thank you for showing us your Studio! I love it! Especially the mail sorter how awesome! And your "real life" photo at the end is where everyone is at these days!

Andrea Kuenzel


Cathy L.

Love your space! Can't believe you scored that sorter for free!!!


This is gorgeous! love the mail sorter & the bins.


Your space is awesome. I, too, am a huge fan of Ikea, though I have to go to another country (Canada) to get there! I have that gray cart and love it. So glad you finally got a space to yourself:)


Completely in love with your space but most with the mail sorter! Such a treasure!! Thanks for sharing :)


can you tell me the size of the buckets in the grey ikea rolling cart? I need to find those to fit in mine!!! Thanks so much!!!
love it all!!!


Great crafting space!

Rachel B.

Beautiful room! Love the old mailer sorter!

Araceli Gutierrez

Are the cart and wire basket with your thickers both ikea? Love that idea

Lezlie H.

Love it! Can you share more about your desk from IKEA? What's it called? Are the drawers from IKEA, too? Thanks!

Julie H in MN

I LOVE the fact that you showed what it looked like on a "real day"!! I was cleaning my room last night and even though I moved and threw some stuff, it still looks the same! I looked at the Ikea furniture, but ended up making my desk (one I saw on Pinterest) because I like to either stand when crafting or sit on a chair and have a table counter height. Love your other storage ideas. Thanks for a peek inside your crafty space!

Melinda T

Great space! I'm loving the mail sorter too, love that its free! Sorry to hear about the flood...but that means shopping right? :)


Lexi, your clean and craftily used space is AWESOME! Its so good to sort and toss(floods welcome), to get our supplies to a more reasonable level. It is so fun to use them! Thank you for sharing your space. ENJOY!

Sara L.

I love workspace Wednesdays!!! Your crafts room is paradise!

Megan Smith

I LOVE LOVE your room. I am currently in the process of redesigning my scraproom. This is truly inspirational!


where did you find the old wire baskets? I love those and could use two or three..

Lara Read

Yes I second the comment "the size of the buckets in the grey ikea rolling cart? I need to find those to fit in mine!!! Thanks so much!!!
love it all!!!" & Where did you get the buckets in the cart?

Thank you!


Love it especially the last photo.


Awesome space! Love the furnishings! and the freshness! I to just did my new room. Concrete floors and all! http://youtu.be/fdp55_EnBbs. This is my space and love it! A place to call my own!

Helen Tilbury

Just loved this post! Great space & love your honest writing!!


AMAZING SPACE!!!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the mail sorter piece....so gorgeous!

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