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I love this! I am using a handbook for our vacation/roadtrip in April and this definitely gave me some ideas :)

Sarah Swann

LOVE THIS! I'm actually taking a 2 week trip back home (to FL, ironically) and we'll also be attending my cousin's wedding. Now I want to do a Handbook to document it! Thanks for the inspiration!


What a great way to use the handbook. Thank you for sharing your plans. PERFECT! I am on my 4th year of project life and always do a photo album of any special trips or events. This way, PL plus the album is done with the memorabilia. Have a great time with your family.

Christy Harris

i absolutely love this album already! Is there any chance you will make your planner pages available for download like you did your regular Project life planner sheets? I use them for my project life religiously and would love this type of sheet to plan out my handbook albums! You are amazing Marcy!

Amber B

What a great idea. Love it!

Sara Kiiru

This is really helpful, Marcy. Makes a potentially daunting task seem much more manageable. Thanks for sharing your process!


Thanks for showing us your process. I'm in the process of a vacation mini right now and I love how you keep exactly what you want to use in one basket.


This is so timely! Glad I found this blog... My husband and I are going on vacation to Virginia in July and this will be a great way to document our first big trip together. Thanks for the planning ideas and inspirations.


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