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Jessica Dougherty

wow! this is amazing!


Holy mama of crafing! What a stunning (and jealousy-inducing) space. Thank you for sharing!

Linda C Baker

Wow! What a space! TFS


Thank you so much for sharing, gives me tons of ideas for my remodeling in my scrap space. Thank you so much

Katherine S

Just beautiful and soorganised :)

Daniele Pacifico

Wow!!! Loved this place!

Jeannie L

Wow I'm just so envious about your custom made storages! I'd love to have Darryl build all these for me too. Your craft space is just awesome. Thanks for sharing.


I am so jealous! Your crafty area is fantastic. Thank you for sharing.

Dana F.

Oh dear, I would love to come "over" :) What an amazing craft space you have!


Your space is wonderful! That Darryl certainly is great at building you storage pieces.

Karen L K

Wow very nice and very organized!

Karen Freeman

That was such an awesome journey into your crafting haven! Thank you so much. I loved going oh I have that stamp or ohhh would love that. So not just an organisational journey but an inspirational one to. I am about to re oragnise my craft space and move to a designated room. It will be fun to try and set it up the way I want it to be. Not that I'm really sure about that! Thanks again.


This is such an amazing space, Joy! Can you send Darryl my way???

Pauline johnson

I am so in love with your space. Do u need anew scrapbooking friend?
I would love to be in that room someday. It must be what heaven looks like on earth.
Thankyou for sharing. Pauline


I love your space and evey little corner of it! Great storage tips and tricks, I would use your extra scrap space setup anytime, ha! Thanks for sharing.


Love your space Joy.you are a lucky lady.l


super amazing space!

Becky Monmaney



Holy Cow!!! This is amazing Joy!! I have a question...: Do you ever use all of your supplies? I know I have some that's older and I don't anywhere close to the amount that you do. How long do you "hang on" to supplies before you feel that they are outdated? I've always wondered this when I see designers craft rooms. Just curious (and maybe a bit envious too)! Thanks for sharing your space, talent and of course, the inspiration I see from your work!

Jessica Toulmin

Oh my goodness, you have so much stuff! Very lucky girl to have all that, and a wonderful partner to build it all for you. It is very well set up and organised.

Indigene Theresa Gaskin

Heaven, must be like this! All I can do is swoon!!!!

Efrat S.

Wow Joy. If I ever imagined how heaven must look - it's your room!! Wonderful, everything in place and carefully thought over. Love it!


woha! that's so organized!
that is perfect!
thank you Daryll!!!!!


I love it!! Thanks for sharing!!

Joy Taylor

Jenn Henrichs answer to your questions, the crop bags are the ones that I have link in this posting and the ones that they stock here in store, they seriously are fabulous..they fit 12 x 12 pattern paper if you are after the sizing :)

My mats are green with I think like a bone grid to it, I found them actually just at those cheap joints that we have here in Australia..I brought mine from The Reject shop, cheap and they do the trick, but if they had black I would have preferred that colour, I would love to have just one that was that big, but I don't complain, these are perfect..

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