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Joy Taylor

calamityjane answer to your questions, I try to use most if not all of the stock I own, it is hard at times to find the time, especially now that I design for companies, but I do try :)

For me at this stage I have not purged too much, I am one that has worked darn hard to purchase these products that I have a hard time letting go...I know the day will come for that to happen, as my little space will begin to burst at the seams :)

I did purge some stamps not long ago as I felt I did not have the need for them any longer, and will most likely do the same with a few more...

I do have a box of goods that I tend to donate to a local preschool for the kids to play with and some go to my little cousins that love to craft...

Joy Taylor

I want to take a moment to thank each and everyone of you for taking the time to have a look into my crafty space..the comments have been amazing and I will be sure to pass the loveliness onto Darryl...

I want you all to know that even though I have a lot of product, I have been crafting for many years and I work hard to share the money on my passion..even though I work for companies and design for them, I still find that I purchase a lot of product also, but I love it and love to share and inspire people..

Thank you to you all!


What a beautifully organized space! You and Darryl did a wonderful job! I love everything about it!

kelly Booth

WOW....This is AWESOME!!!!!!!

Leah Crowe

Seriously loving your craft space.. your partner is a keeper and a wonderful craftsman.. would love to have a space similar! :)

Lisa (sideoats + scribbles)

Just looking at your craft space fills me with JOY, Joy :)

Love it all! xo


Wow. I think that sums it up. Wow!


C'est magnifique! J'aurais tellement aimé avoir la même...

Barb Ghigliotty

This is such an amazing craft room, Joy! And, so organized!!! Thank you for sharing your ideas with us...I'm actually motivated to clean up my craft space right now :-)

Anita F

Super rangement , on dirait une boutique de scrap . bon dimanche . Anita F.

Anita F

erreur imprimée sur autre post , juin et déchets ne faisait pas partit de mon message ...Anita F.

maria f.

you.are.one.lucky.woman. But you know that!

Wendy Goundrey

Your room is fantastic! You did such a great job organizing everything. Give Darryl kudos for building all that custom storage. Love it!

Karen SA

Wow, Joy, wonderful space to craft in!! Thanks for sharing!! Would love to join you on that extra workspace!! :-) Love your cards. Thanks Blessings Karen


Crafting paradise, me thinks - wonderful :)


oh mon dieu tout se matériel cela donne envie !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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