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I am in awwe over your craft space. I love it. Thank you for sharing.

Sharon Holden

What a fabulous space Joy! Love the built in storage too :)


wow, this looks awesome Joy!! i love all the custom built pieces!


This is amazing!


Wow, great space & so organized! Love how everything has a place. Really need to get back in my room for a major clean up!!!

Laura b

Amazing space. So clean and organised for how much product you store!


Joy, when Darryl gets a break, ship him over to the States please. I have some work I need him to do. ;) Fabulous space!

Susie G.

Craft room envy, your room is amazing!!



Brandy Layton

Someday....I love my space but I love all the light in yours!

Carol W.

Beautiful and very organized. Thank you for sharing your spacing.


wow. what an amazing crafty space!!!!!!

Jenn Henrichs

WOWZERS! This is really great I love it ALL! 2 questions for you ~ what size are your awesome crop bags that you have hanging? they look smaller than the ones on the website... Also I really love your blue craft mats, where can i find one of those? One more thing... I'll come and craft at your side table anytime :)


Wow !! Wow !! Wow !! LOVE it !

Michelle Johnson

Wow, I love your space. I am in love with your organization, I am so in need of good organization. Thanks for the tour. I need a Darryl to build me some awesome shelving. :)


Wow! That is so smartly organized. And it all looks beautiful. You have a fantastic crafting room.

xx Monica


Awesome Joy! (And I'd come craft with you if you'd have me...)

Trisha Doran

Ohhhh - would almost be worth it to have a man around if I got something like that out of the deal! LOL. Almost. Your room is gorgeous!

Tracie Ferguson

So nice!! I see lots of windows. My 'some day" craft room is going to have windows on all sides of the room and I'm trying to figure out how I'll store things. Do you have a lot of storage on the floor under the counter tops?


OMG!!! Beautiful....

Julie F

Wow - so inspiring! Great organization. You're so lucky to have a talented partner to help you!!!

Terrie Snow

Georgeous!!!!! Your honey did a fantastic job building your space. He could make a FORTUNE building spaces like this for all us scrapbooking nuts

Julie H

I just rearraged, I don't have even close to all the supplies you have, and my hubby thinks I have Way Too Much! I love my craft space, I made mine counter height, I just like to sit up high, and I also have a TV in that room too! Your room is awesome, lucky gal!


Ummmm, do you need some crafting company?? heehee!
Terrific space:)


gorgeous crafting space, and so organized :)!!!

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