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Still loving the colors but I love the wood veneers--words and mini size


I like the 2 step mask, very cool. Great new line!!

Lisa C.

Wow - LOVE the new veneers and the Mr. Huey's colors are fantastic!! Everything is awesome!

Amy Coose

Love this line, too! Those veneers are amazing!

Miriam Prantner

LOVING that paper wit hall the words on it and the stamps and the masks, so much fun!


I can see myself using this line...and I love it that the stickers, badges and embellishments all match.


Love all the feathers


LOOOOOOOVE the confetti veneer shapes!!! That is coming home in multiples!!!

Lacey Igo

ooooooo There are so many things I love about this...where do I begin!?! Wood veneer - YES, paper - AWESOME, Stickers - AWWW!!, Vellume Sheets - NEED!! Love this release!

Andrea Kuenzel

the STICKerS!!! and the 2 step mask!


awesome colors! love it!! :) especially the wood veneer products..


the gems are amazing! great work!

katie B

love the papers and the feather stamps


that 2 step mask and the veneer are my favorites!!!

Gina Lideros

loving the patterned vellum, new masks and the overall ombre look.


love the 12 x 12 sticker sheet and the garland!

April W

Gorgeous!! The soft colors are really speaking to me. :)

Toni from

Gorgeous! Every single bit of it!!!


I like the garlands and the masks!

Kelly Malacko

I love the colours, the feather paper, the wood veneer and the shade of brown on those little alphas! Cute.

Charity G.

That two-step mask is amazing! I think it might become the most wanted item on my wishlist.

Kathy P

Every single bit of it is awesome! I especially like the paper colors/prints, the masks, and the wood veneers!


I'm always a sucker for a cute alphabet! I love the tiny alphas! And the accent stickers? Yes please!

Lisa p

Love the veneer. I also love the masks, the badges and the beautiful colors of the line. Can't wait to see more of what's been made with it already.

Amanda D.

I die! I love every last bit of it!

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