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Ellie Augustin

AHHHHH!! I SO LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LLLLLOOOVEEEE THIS I need this now & we have to wait till when to get it in our hands? OH my gosh I love it ALL!

Julie {CalleLillyCafe}

How can a girl just pick one? Love the albums! Love the inserts! Cards & frames! #musthave


I love the albummmmmmsssssss!!!!.



love the month and day cards!


Oh wow! Seriously wow!


i'm going to need a BUNCH of those snippets journaling cards! love them!!! and the albums...can't decide which ones i like the most!


Really excited about the oilcloth!


WOW! Loving all of these goodies!!

Cassie G

No Mistables at all?? Mistable alphabets are one of the best inventions EVER! And I was so hopeful for arrows too.
The colors in Here & Now are so very perfect! can't wait to see those in person.


These are amazing!

Stormy E

Love the here and now oilcloth handbook! Thank you sc for making Aline of finished handbooks!


Cute frames.

Jessica G.

I was looking through a few times to be able to say which I want most, but I'm not sure I can decide! MAYBE if I had to pick it would be the Here + There ;)

Miriam Prantner

Can.not. pick a favorite. Just can't. These are great!

jan m

The handbooks will make creating a photo journal a breeze!

Amy Coose

Love the new frames! Another great release!


love those days & months journaling cards!


i thought Snippets was my fav new release-but I think this one is now! Love it!

Amanda D.

I have been thinking about getting a handbook for a while now, I don't think I can resist anymore! My goodness! I adore the oil cloth covers and the Snippets inserts are perfect!

Erica Hettwer

This is awesome! Love it!


My budget is shot. Thanks for all the great new products and inspiration!

Kimberly L.C.

Oh, the Snippets albums... *love*

Wendi R

oh wow these sooooo rock!!!!! super love the fun polariod diecuts!!!!! oh my gosh!!!!

Mabel M

OMG!!! absolutely in love with this line!! <33

Jessica Toulmin


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