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Marti Richards

Love your space, Dawn! Your desk is beautiful and I am loving those jars of buttons lined up so pretty.


What an awesome space, Dawn!!

laurie lariviere

lovely space Dawn, thanks for sharing...and btw, how do you keep your Mr. Heuy's spray mist bottles so clean? lol, mine are a huge mess! but still usable, so that is what counts!


Wow! What a beautiful set-up and great ideas for storing items!


I love your studio and now have some new ideas for storage. Thanks for sharing!


Beautiful studio!


This is beautiful! I love reading about designers' workspaces... truly a motivation and inspiration for me to start renovating my space!

Judy Estrada

Dawn- Nice thanks for sharing with us. You created a nice space.


Wonderful room!

Theresa Gillman

wonderful. love your desk and I may steal your idea of storing your dies in the cd sleeves. very cool idea.
Thanks for sharing. =)

Becky Monmaney

I LOVE your space!! All the colors. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!


I am jealous!!!!!!


Your workspace is amazing!!!!! And the little devil on my shoulder says that i'm a little bit Jealous... ;-) ;-) ;-)

Sheri E.

So fun to be able to now picture where you are working as we go through a PTI release.


Swoon-white cubbies, glass containers, and lots of color....so in love with this.

Stephanie DiSabato

such great organizing ideas!


it's fun to look into the creative space of another crafter. i feel sneaky!

Holly Saveur

Great Tour around your room Dawn!

Debbie Nelson

Love your studio. I have my new room almost completed, so you gave me alot of storage and display inspiration. Thank you for sharing!


LOVE your studio! I love how you have organized everything. Thank you for sharing. You are the best!!

patricia p.

fantastic...what a great work room.
So many things and beautiful bright colors..
Love it love it.


Troy Louise

Wow, that's quite a room. Love your beautiful library table & all of your fun jars. Thanks so much for sharing.

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