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Great space!
I have a question-not completely related to this post (or not at all?):)
Are there any cool craft stores in Singapore? Could you maybe recommend a few? Thanks a lot!
Thanks for sharing your work space!

Katie Ehmann

Love that wooden box for your veneers!

sasha farina

Irit : can you email me? sashafarina at gmail dot com :)

Jen M

Very cool space!! I think your space is super clean, wish mine looked like that!!

Andrea Kuenzel

Loved your space! I love your wooden boxes!

Kelly R.

love your space! great ways to organize!!

Kristy Vesh

Great ideas!!! Just finished my room and ready to put it back together!! Oh, and get back to scraping!


What a great space Sacha, I love that you made it work for you. You can't even tell it is a balcony unless you mention it beforehand...I had to go back and do a double take, LOL...great job, and yup, my space will always be a work in progress as well, but that is just because we "use" them.


as soon as I've seen this post in my Google Reader, I've had a light bulb moment!!!

I'm going to move things around in my studio :D

THANKS for the inpiration!!


Love your space! It is so organized and neat! Love how you store your washis too!

caz hancock



Your space is fabulous. I love the unique storage containers and I'm in LOVE with your Jelly Belly dispensers.

Michelle Looi

This is awesome space!!

sasha farina

thank you so much ladies!! :)


Love your studio/balcony Sasha!!! Beautifully organized! I love your big S and the S hooks!! Thanks so much for sharing!!

Rebecca Lovell

I love your room, Sasha!!! I see some great ideas here! Thanks for sharing - it's so fun to see inside your scrap room! :)


I never thought of having using the balcony as a scrap space. Great idea! Tho I have to say my HDB balcony doesn't seem quite so big :(


Hi Sasha, welcome to Singapore! I am a Singaporean and I never expected to see a HDB/Condo balcony converted into the craft room and showcased on SB blog!!! Thumbs up!! Hope your like our tropical sunny island ... tho these days its rainy :P


Ha ha i was too excited... apologies for the numerous typo errors!!! The fault is mine...dun put the blame on Singlish!

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