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Videos may be more helpful, if you tell why you do the things you do, as in design elements. Anyone can see how this is done by looking at the picture. People can see how to do it quite easily, but don't know why things look good together, and thus it may be frusterating to recreate something similar if the audience doesn't have the certain elements you used. Maybe you could have a class on white space, layering, certain colors, how patterns and textures compliment each other, etc. Example: elements or objects placed in odd numbers using 3 or 5, are more appealing to humans. Your work is cute though, wish I had the eye for design that you ladies on here have.

Maile Belles

Thank you Riley, your feedback is appriciated. I'm still very new to making videos and I will defininetly keep this in mind if I make another. Maile


Maile, you are still awesome! I love your designs, especially your adorable Christmas tree card. Love how a lot of your stuff has a good bit of white space and clean lines! Plus, you've got the nicest hands I've ever seen in a video!

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