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Kimberley Irvine

Fabulous! Thanks for sharing =) can't wait to try this (once i've gathered my supplies that is!) x

Sherry Eckblad

Ooh Celine you just make me smile. I love watching your videos. Is there a pdf supply list along with the cut sizes for this album? I would love to make one.


I love your voice Celine! And I love this video and mini! WELL done! :)

Amy S.

Thank you so much for taking the time to do this. Your English is super great! I love hearing your voice Celine - you are so awesome!


oh no I can't watch this video in France.... so bad!

Jenny A

Love this! Thanks for taking the time to do this!


celine is always number 1 !!!!


I love your accent.


This is amazing! Can't wait to try it out! =)


Thanks for ther tutorial, may have to try this !


Great video!


Looks great but I can't see the video in Germany :(


Your accent is beautiful! Thanks for the tutorial!

For those wondering, the tape Celine uses is the kind that is used for wet mounting watercolor paper before painting on it - so I guess any art supply store would have it.

christina rayevich

soo fun!! thanks for sharing how you made this!

Natalie Stewart

It's is such a striking album and so much easier to make than I thought it would be. And I loved that you were talking in this video Celine!

Vanessa Babin

That is so cute! Thanks for sharing!


celine, you are awesome girl :)


Finally...now THAT is what i call a Tutorial, Celine! Usually DT members & bloggers focus on the embellishing and completely SKIP building the album. I can figure out how to embellish...that doesn't require much explanation, just picture examples. But *building* the bones of the album in a creative way (not just simply covering chipboard sqaures/rectangles with patterned paper as the front and back covers) is what i need/WANT instruction in! THANK YOU Now my albums can look like the pros! Show us more. Other blogs need to take a lesson from you!


Happy you like it, girls! Now for those in Europe, I need to edit the video so that there's no music (that is what prevents the video to load)...


Thanks Celine! Your album is awesome and I love listening to your accent so don't apologise for it :)


Merci Celine. That was a fantastic video and I loved how you showed and clearly explained how to build the album. Your fabric was beautiful and suited your theme and pictures. I only wish my french was as charming as your english.

Gina Ames

Celine it is a pleasure to watch your videos! I think your English is fantastic and that album is lovely. I agree the fabric is beautiful! Thanks for showing us how you made this. :)


Oh i am so sad :-( i am unable to watch it in germany allthough i looked so much forward to see it and now... :´-(


Thanks for the tutorial! It is fantastic! Thanks for sharing! Merci!

Sally Cendral

Hi Celine --
So nice to see you back! Bravo.

. . . . Unfortunately, have to inform you that we -- here in France -- can't watch this video!!! It's blocked. Think you have quite a few unhappy bunnies in Europe because of this. Can you do anything about it, please? There are soooooo many Celine fans over here, and now we can't watch our friend! Boo hoo. Hope you fix the situation!
Greetings from France - Sally

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