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Julie k

Yaay! Can hardly wait till January! So excited to officially combine two of my faces... PL and SC!

Julie k



Signed up - I couldn't resist! This is so exciting!

Jackie A xxx

WOW ! fab news x


If Becky's in, I'm in!!! And it's a great price point for a kit!!! Yay!!!




Wow this is awesome !!! I'm sooooo excited!


Wonderful!!! I just signed up.


Beyond excited about this! I just signed up.

Erica Thomas

Am I reading it wrong or will there be Add-ons for the Project Life kit too?

Annie in Toronto

Yippee! Yahoo!


Did it! All signed up!!!


This sounds so exciting! I have a couple of questions:

1) What additional products will we need to purchase? for example, binder, page protectors etc.

2) If I can't keep up can I cancel the subscription at anytime?



I´m in and this is awesome


I just signed up but I'm already on the waiting list!! :(

I love PL and SC.....two of the best. This is wonderful!

Lynn Alvarez

I am really interested in this, but like Melanie asked, I have some questions.

Will there be overlap with the monthly kits? Or are the just to be complimentary... for example, will the stamps be different?

I would imagine we need to still purchase the binder and pages from Becky, but what about the core kit?

How are the SC monthly kits going to work with the core kits of PL? Will the colors be complimentary?



lisa truesdell

i'll try to answer questions here - you can also see this thread on our message board for more information : http://www.studiocalico.com/community/announcements/topics/49965-becky-higgins-studio-calico-join-the-waiting-list-for-our-project-life-kits

Erica - There will not be separate add-ons for the PL kit, but since it coordinates with our monthly Scrapbook and Card kits, the add-ons each month will also complement the PL kit

Melanie - Binders and page protectors will not be included in the kit. If you cancel your subscription prior to the 6 mo period, you will incur a $15 cancellation fee.

Lynn - There will not be overlap - the stamps and embellishments will be different. Whether you purchase a core kit or other materials or pull from your stash is up to you! The colors in the PL kit, the scrapbook kit and the card kit will all be the same.

I hope that helps!

Java Jen

This is so exciting!! I couldn't resist either..... I signed up and am anxiously awaiting the sneak peek to see everything!! So fun!

lacie ordoyne

How will you know if you will actually get a kit if you are on the waiting list??

Tita Matos

New to PL so excuse my ignorance :). A brand new Project Life kit (album, core kit, etc) is going to be my birthday gift in December. Are the SC kits going to be complimentary with any of the collections already available, or are these going to be core kits?

lisa truesdell

@lacie - as of right now, everyone on the waiting list will start with the January kit.

@Tita - These kits will coordinate with our monthly kits. They will not be full core kits - they will contain around 30 journaling cards, a stamp set, and a variety of embellishments.


Will you be able to buy the page protectors from the shop to include in your kit?



Could we buy binders and page protectors on Studio Calico shop?

Thanks in advance!


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