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So nice to see a scrapbook area that isn't perfectly clean or organized! So much closer to what I can achieve :)

Lizzie O

Love it! I love how it's not 'fancy' as you would say, but it is totally your own!!! Sometimes I spend too much time trying to get my space perfect and end up being too frustrated to create anything.

susan r. opel

What an awesome big area to work! I love the blue walls. :)


love the colour on the walls! the space looks awesome.


oh wow! what a space! this is amazing.

Gail Evans

AWESOME ROOM! One questions...do you worry about moisture coming in thru the walls, or have you somehow sealed the walls? I know in those older homes that moisture seepage is usually a problem in basements, so just curious if or how you addressed it. Thanks for sharing!


It looks absolutely fantastic to me.... would love this space for crafting


Wow... It's no wonder you are an expert at layering! You have alot of stuff to layer with. I'm jealous :) Love the wall color too!


Love your room!


Awesome wall colour! I love your space because it looks vibrant, real & used.

Julie H in Mn

Isn't it a wonder how those tables are in the older houses, my parents had one and we could never even imagine getting it up the stairs without distroying, so when they passed, we left it too....I wonder if they just built around them, back in the day! Love your room - I am lucky enough to have a spare small bedroom, but need to make it usable....I enjoy looking at other's rooms to see what they have done with their space. Thanks for Sharing. Julie H in MN

Laura L in Texas

Love it! The cabinets are what I have been looking at to do my space and your area made me decide that's what I want to do.


Amazing post dear bloger.
thanks alot for nice post

Amy S.

I love your space Jen!!! The Thickers photo makes me smile!
Thanks SC for sharing these - love seeing workspaces of other scrappers!


Your room looks fantastic! I too, have my scraproom in the basement of my home. Does your room get cold in the winter?

Lisa P

Love making any space work for our crafting!


love the wall color and your space Gotta love the quirky loveliness of 100 year homes! :)


I love your creative space, i especially love the "clothes line" idea and the large work space where everything is within arms reach. The color of the walls is so happy too!


My favorite part is your giant pile of thickers! Looks like mine. I love your unique space. Hell mine is a covertly one car garage. Awesome


FABULOUS space, Jen!! Love it..I wish I had a dedicated space, i'm in half of the dining room, though I do have enough space, I would love to spread out and be able to leave it on my desk! LOL

Natalie Stewart

Very jealous, wish I didn't have to worry about walls and floors when misting and painting. I love your space!

Ashley Burke

It's no wonder you are my fave designer Mrs. Jockish. I use vintage Pyrex for my embellies too! Love your room and Love your work!

Alison McGuinn

I love getting a peak into everyone's workspaces! These are my fave blog posts. Your room is the kind of room I would like to come into, and just snoop through all your goodies!


I love your room! Especially the huge table and all those white cubes! Thanks for sharing Jen!

Valerie Durham

You totally make me feel normal now! That's my space right there! Except mine is mostly hand me downs!

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