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Sherry Eckblad

Great tutorial and it really does seem easy. I was scared of them at first.

Toni f

Great tutorial, now I just NEED to buy a Silhouette. Btw did you have a fan on, or was someone vacuuming in the next room? I actually love that sound.


No vacuuming or fan running. It's from my laptop running while I use Quicktime to record the video. For some reason, it makes my Macbook fan go off. :)

Donna Hitz

Thanks Tina, - Just bought my Silhouette, will be walking through this!

Angela H.

Thanks so much, Tina -- I was hemming and hawing over using .png files -- this is quite reassuring! Way easier than fiddling around on my own until I get it right. Thanks again!


You're very welcome!


I just watched the video and tried using your instructions. In the past the few that I purchased (before S Edition was nec.)
It was easier, I'm having trouble d/loading them as they are now ZIP (which I'm confused on anyways)when I finally get the svg files in, they do not show up as "cut" files.. they are transparent... ???


Does this mean that I need to upgrade (and pay the $50) my Studio Silhouette software to use the cut files I purchased from Studio Calico (because in the .zips, there are no .studio files, only the .png and .svg files) ???

thanks for the video :)

lisa truesdell

@nolwenn - you can use the .pngs and trace them in the free edition of the silhouette studio software. =)


The die cut sold in this website are only for the studio software? Can it be used with other types, for example Cricut?


i have been unable to use png paper. i tried saving it as a jpg and then importing it but nothing seems to work. it gives an error that file is not supported! please help

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