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Love both of these! Incredibly cute!

Stephanie Baxter

This is SUCH a cool tip...thanks for sharing!


Thanks Susan and love seeing photo tips on the blog. It is a great reminder as I do tend to focus on faces vs. some of the other details.

Bobbie Brock

You are so right! I have a photo of my daughter walking with my husband on the beach - I was behind them and all you see is my husband from the waist down and my daughter holding on to his pant leg. Melts my heart! Your layouts are so precious!

Sara Andrews

This is great Susan! I have given up trying to get a facial shot of my youngest. It's just an impossible feat! ;)


Great tips! And thanks for showing us how to work with enlargments. Inspired by your awesome pages, I've enlarged 2 of my favourite summer pics and scrapbooked them!

Diana Waite



Thank you so much Susan, I'll definately use your tip!


Yes, that is so true. My 4 kids are growing up SO fast (10, 10, 13, & 14 already!), and I do the same thing when the monent is right. Last month I had a rare opportunity to get one at Great America in Gurnee, IL. They were all walking together (imagine THAT!) ahead of me, and TALKING (whoa!)! I got some really cool shots of that awesome moment. Thanks for sharing a great tip!


Great tips, Susan...LOVE the photos you took!! I have been trying to do this more, wish I would have thought of it more when my kids were littler.


I need to keep this in mind.
Your pics make me miss the days when my boys were little.

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