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Sue C

So disappointed - the printables are not the same color as on the screen. The yellow circle printed red, the ribbon end stripes printed blue. The & printed brown. The yellow bordered one printed red. The other printed border printed brown. The one with the heart printed green and white. What gives?

lisa truesdell

Sue - I'm uncertain why that would happen. Can you post your ? on the MB so we can help you trouble shoot?? Or send an email to info(at)studiocalico(dot)com so we can try and figure out where they problem is.

April W

I adore this! I've always said that if I decide to give PL a go, I'll be doing one page spreads so this is very inspiring. ;)


Beautiful page! I started doing this a few weeks ago too and felt the relief - now I think I'll go back to some doubles again - have to love the PL flexibility.


LOVE this week of Project life. absolutely adore the 2 "polaroid" photos in the middle!

young c

I've done one-page spreads from the beginning and agree that it helps to make it more simple.


I am a single page spread girl too...it doesn't take much to get it all in and done!


You know I love this Kelly! I gotta get a move on too. We need to get back to our challenge and stick to it.


Love this!!! I subscribed to the kit primarily for Project Life, so I'm excited about this :)

Louise Fortune

I am so with you on this concept - I was a fees weeks late to the PL party at the beginning of the year so I just did one page spreads to begin with to get up to speed.

At the moment I am a few weeks behind ( I like to stay current) so again I am "knocking out" one page spreads so that I can get up to date.


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