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Amy H



handbook is awesome! (as is the rest of the classic line!)

Cindy J

What an awesome collection line of products...my imagination has taken flight! Such a great variety of different embellishments and stickers too. AND, that new mask is going to be so amazing to play with for so many different types of projects!


oh. my. always love these type of collections b/c the neutral papers have fun prints and make great backgrounds at the same time. obsessing over the woodgrain roller stamp and will need multiples of the funky kraft heart stickers. Well done, SC!


I am SO glad that you have mistable feathers (my favorite element!) along with hexagons. I also love the album inserts for Handbook. Very classic and nice!


OMG!!! I love it!!!!


I like the roller date stamp, love how it goes back a bit further for years! And the feathers, and the starburst mask as well. It all looks great!

Mali Duboyski

Wow, I love all of it!! My favorite product is the handbook itself and all of the inserts to go along with it. As soon as I saw it, I could picture so many projects to be completed with it! Can not wait for this release!!

Beth Ruffner

I love all the neutral papers, they are so easy to mix and match! I also love the die cut polaroid frames and stitched pockets! Thank you for another awesome sneak peek and chance to win!


OMG! Where to start? I love all the hexagons and the date stamp and the journals as well.Can't wait to get my hands on these goodies.


You've hit it out of the park again. Must have all the Mistables in this line.

KariLynn L

What a fabulous line. Happy to see the mistable hexagons, now I can use the ones from the kit that I have been hoarding. I have to say the one item that I think will just be so much fun is the Starburst mask. I think it will be great fun to use with multiple Mister Huey mists.


I absolutely LOVE that starburst mask and the handbook albums/page protectors. Oh, and those little Mr. Huey droppers are so cool! Thanks for the chance to win! :)

Lori Gentile

Wow! I'm so happy you came out with those albums! YAY! I love this entire collection!


Wood veneer starburst frames are back, OH MY!

Jessica DeAngelis

LOVE the date stamp and new washi!!!

Sheryl B.

The new handbooks look fabulous! I'm really excited about those page protectors!

Julie Okada

love the veneer! i want it all. great collection can't wait to get my hands on it!


i'm so excited about the starburst mask!!! and the handbooks are a great addition to the SC line!

Michele D

I love the date stamp!

Tanja mathildasmom

I am in love with the mistable feathers and the starburst mask!

Amy Stuart

Can the whole thing be my favorite ? Everything is simply gorgeous. I really love the handbook, but wow is it hard to pick a favorite.

Karen S.

The date stamp and the handbook are high on my list of must haves!!

Amanda J

Oh My Gosh!! You are killing me!!! I so far need EVERYTHING from EVERY collection you have shown!! Love the neutral patterns in this collection, those mistable feathers, the polaroid frames, envelopes, I could keep going! Love it all!!


especially love the new date stamp and new journal

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