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Brenda B

Very organized!



Katie B

Love the basket you have the sprays in. Where can I get one?

Lori Fodor

I love looking at your storage ideas. You are very organized. That's necessary in a small studio. I try to be but somehow things get messy. My priority for this morning is to clean my small studio so I can create something on my days off. Thanks for sharing your ideas.


I think the baskets are from Ikea? They should be the FINTORP baskets... I have them on my to buy list for next week trip to Ikea. ;)

cindy b

lovely and so organized!!


Great organization ideas. Thanks for posting.


Very cute

Rene' Sharp

Love all the detailed shots of your yummy goodies!


love it!!!! where did you get the black baskets??

Patricia Roebuck

Cute...looks so well organized!

Stacy Hamby

Are your white plastic bins with handles from IKEA too? I couldn't find them on the website.


Thanks ladies. The baskets are IKEA Fintorp: (hope the link works)

and the white plastic bins are IKEA Variera. They are available in two different sizes. I have the smaller ones :-)

Hope it helps....

Alissa H.

I am completely grooving on that metal basket at the end in the last two pictures - with the spray mists in one and the washi in the other. SO cute!

Your space is lovely. I am not sure I could keep it that neat but I admire those who can!


Thank you so much for sharing this small space organization!! I'm really struggling with my space because it's gotten so disorganized and every attempt to re-organize is just making it worse and less functional, especially as my craft hobbies grow (knitting, sewing, ect). I definitely think some of these ideas will make it into my room so I can have a space that I can use better.


Wow, SO organised! You would hate to see my room! LOL!

Kristy, Life-n-Reflection

love Nina's creative ideas to store supplies and tools!



Toni f

Where can I find the basket you are using to store Misrer Huey's? LOVE your space!

Toni f

Sorry about that, just found the link.

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