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Congrats on the member spotlight Kay! I love your layouts so much, I am primarily a simple scrapper too so your style really inspires me!

Brenda B

Love your layouts and clean, simple style.


Aw, thanks, ladies! You made my day!


Gorgeous pages! I love your style Kay!

Kristy, Life-n-Reflection

These are adorable, love the details


j adore ce que vous faites quel bonheur pour mes yeux FÉLICITATIONS Alyss. with my a LOT lot lot of KISSES kisses


I love your layouts. I love embellies and clusters, but I'm just not capable of making them look good so I appreciate simple scrapbooking. Beautiful!


kay, you rock! :)

Theresa Gillman

congrats Kay!!! I love your layouts. and good luck with the sewing. I wish I had more time to do that too...


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