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I just finished my 6th challenge--thanks for the fun NSD 2012!!

Sarah Pendergrast

Whew! Finished them all - and plan to finish the rest of the sketches - so fun!!! Thanks for putting this all together, it's the most I've scrapped in months!


I finished them all!!
Thanks so much for the inspiration!

Monica Blain

I have completed all of the challenges! yay!

Beth Ann

Just finished and posted my final layout. 6 challenges = 6 pages. Thanks so much SC for providing great kits and the inspiration to use them!!


I did them all!!! Thanks for the amazing inspiration...and a week to get it all done.


It took awhile, but I finished them all! Thanks for inspiration and awesome challenges! :)

Laura Gedeon

Whoo hoo - just finished and posted my last one! Thanks for the inspiration this week - definitely has been a long time since I did 5 layouts in a week! It feels great!


Awe... did them all :) Thanks for some fun challenges!


I did them ALL!! So excited. Thanks for a great set of inspiration SC!


I finished them alllll plus a few extras, LOVED this NSD & the challenges, I'm really excited about everything I finished, thanks SC for the chance to win!

Betsy Gourley

Just finished! Woo Hoo! Thanks for all of the challenges ladies.

marianne b

Yay! I finished all the challenges!! Thanks for the fun!


I did them all! It was fun and a much needed shove to get some vacay pics down.

Kristin Tweedale

I finished all the challenges as well, thanks so much for a great NSD


I finshed them! I finished them! I finished them all! Woohoo! Thank you so much for some great challenges!

Melissa H.

I completed them all! Thanks for the challenges!


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