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I loved this peek into your layout process Jen!! Beautiful page!!

Kim G

Great post Jen...I love being a part of your creative process. I also love that you put all the add-ons and main kit together after awhile...I am going to do this too when I have add-ons.
Thanks for all the inspo!

Maria Therese

Love it!!


What a great post Jen! I love your layering so much and it's fun to see the process unfold. Thanks:):):)

Kristin Tweedale

GReat post! I Love seeing your steps :)

Sara Andrews

I love this! Thanks for all the tips.


thanks for sharing this, Jen! it was really interesting to me :)


This is so helpful, thanks!


Fantastic insight! It shows you don't need to over-analyse a page to death to get a lovely result.


Love it!! Thanks for sharing your process! Great layout too!

Jen Thompson

Love this, thanks for sharing!

Danielle Higginbottom-Brown

This was fabulous! thanks for sharing! I'd love to see this more often from all the DT!!!

Penny B.

I found your process very helpful to me. I love the final result!! I always gravitate toward clean lines and a very balanced look. I love the shape and design you created here and it inspires me to give this a try myself.

Penny B.

By the way, how long does a layout like this take you to complete?

Jen Jockisch

Penny - a layout like this takes me about 30 minutes or so.


It is so coolto see the whole process of how you create Thanks Jen

Brianna Byman

Love seeing your process!

Linda Johnson

Love watching you create your layout. Thank you for sharing. I learned a lot!


I think the photo drawer is such a good idea! I might just start doing that!

Ruth G

Awesome, Jen! I love the LO and all you shared about your process! Thanks so much!!!!!


Loved hearing your process!

Jennifer Grace

Great insight, thanks! x


Thanks so much for sharing your process, I love seeing how other people work :)

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