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Jette Gad

Love your workspace Lisa... So personal and with great storage... I can only imagine how awesome that window seat is... Thanks for sharing...


Thank you Lisa! I know what you mean about epic messes after a page is done! LOVE you orange box and metal drawers!!

Tara Smith

I love your space!! What antique mall did you find the metal drawers at?! I live just east of Kansas City!!

lisa truesdell

Tara - I found them at the River Market Antique Mall. They were in a booth on the second floor - in the right front corner of the store. There was a LOT of cool stuff in that booth!

Barb in AK

Love your space :-) Thanks for sharing it with us!


Totally love how you used vintage stuff in your workspace, I have to keep that in mind when I redo mine!


That's an awesome workspace Lisa!


love your space and all the neat storage. Where did you find a tray that big? It is a great idea to keep the kit out in the open, i may have to give it a try.


I love how "REAL' it is....cleverly and lovingly created piece by piece!! Looks perfectly perfect!!

lisa truesdell

Tania - I got it at Target! They don't have the aqua anymore, but still had it in white the last time I went. It's with the kitchen stuff.

I have a couple other trays that hold other projects in progress - they're great for things like working on a December Daily, too!


I like your workspace .. lot of good ideas


love the look of your room Lisa! I know what you mean about a work in progress. I think that is just the way of it.

Vanessa VerStrat

Hi Lisa,

I am new to your blog, lead here by my good friend who is a SC subscriber. I was curious if you find any problems occurring from the sun that comes in your window? I often notice color fading on my solids quickly when light is involved. Do you have any tricks to prevent this, or do you just not notice it being a problem???
Thanks for all of the great inspiration!

Jackie A xxx

Great workspace - love how you have the month kit out on your desk - great idea to use you kit up before the next one comes along.

Thanks for sharing x

lisa truesdell

Hi Vanessa! I haven't noticed any problem with fading, but with my paper stored up on the shelves, it's not really in the direct sunlight. We also have a large tree right outside the window, so I think that helps a bit w/ shade during the summer when the sun is more direct.


What a perfect workspace. I love the view and the layout of the space AND the color on the walls that you have now. It coordinates perfectly with the multi-colors of storage containers you have. I'd love to have a room like this...yes, I'm envious.


Love your space-cozy, happy, full of goodies and sunshine :) Fresh coffee and banana bread and you're set. :):):)

julie weis

i love your creating space lisa! thans so much for sharing it with us!!

Tracy-Ann Ralphs

I was so inspired by your neat and tidy room, I chucked all my stuff into the passage, moved furniture around and re-packed. It looks great for now, but that's because I haven't done a project since the repack (which was only yesterday.) My challenge is to keep it looking neat and tidy - I get so engrossed in my projects by the time I'm finished my room looks like a paper forest exploded, and then its time to cook dinner - so I usually just shut the door. I hope to be continually inspired by the tidiness of your lovely room.
Tracy-Ann - South Africa.

Tonya S.

Love your workspace, especially the metal baskets and drawers!!! Is your table 2 kitchen islands??

Bernice J

Lisa, I feel sad that I can't find metal file boxes here in Canada anywhere and they are very expensive to ship from the US.:(
But I love your space and am wondering the work surface size of your table(s). Thanks!

Peggy Brooks

I was curious about the work tables also. Can you elaborate please? Thanks and the room is really nice.

Paula Carden

Awesome space! Love all of your boutique finds. Those are the best and your little bowls and dishes!
Perfect space to be creative as it is so bright and cheery!

birkin bag

Nice workspace. I love this one. i wish i could have one.

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