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Terrie Allison

Thank you for the opportunity to win. I would love to add to my washi/doily stash.


Jenny A

Wow - awesome giveaway! I would love the washi tape!


I would love more washi! Those are so cute! Thanks!


Definitely I want to become better with my camera and take better pictures. I love photography it will be an awesome opportunity to me. Thanks!


would love to win either prize

Amanda Counce

Oh I would love to win the washi tape! Thanks for the giveaway!

Ellie A.

WOWERS!!! I would totally love to have the opportunity at Maggie's class. What an amazing chance! Crossing my clickin Fingers.

Gwen Lafleur

I'd love either, but I have to say I've had my eye on those Washi tapes!

stephanie j

I need more washi tape!! thanks for the chance :)


Great giveaways. Either would be nice.

Amy S (AmyBug)

I would absolutely love the spot in the photography class. My hubby bought me a DSLR that I so need to learn how to use better!!! I have been stalking a few classes but it just isn't in the budget right now. I would love this. :)


Since I have already taken Maggie's class :) (actually both of them and they were wonderful - expecially the beginner one), I would love the washi tape stash.

Thanks for the chance!

Deanna Misner

I'd LOVE a spot in Maggie's class. Oh yes, please. But that washi tape looks divine, and would be very happy with it too.


Thanks for the chance. Would love the photography class.


Wow, these are awesome giveaways! I´d love to win!


Wonderful giveaway, I'd love to add to my washi tape stash! Thanks for the opportunity.


wow thank you for this give away! Few months ago I follow a photography class, so I choose the washi tape stash.


Ally V.

Wow!! Amazing giveaways! I would love the chance to take Maggie's class, but not having any washi is pushing me in that direction too, lol. I would totally love either! Thanks for the chance to win!


Would love either one. Thanks!

Melinda M.

Washi please! Thank you!


I would love either, but probably need to learn my camera more than I need washi. Currently, in frustrated place with my photos.


Oh wow...those washi tapes! Who knew? Thanks so much!


That washi tape looks amazing. Would love to add that to my stash.


Great giveaways! Thanks for the chance to win!


oh my GOD!! I have always dreamed to take one of Maggie's class!!! please pick me!!!!!! thank you for the chance!!

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