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Thanks Nik!! Good tips about glitter because I'm also careful and try to just avoid it!


I've recently learned to use Diamond Glaze over glittered embellishments, because I HATE glitters all over the house! And by all over I mean 1 or 2 speckles I spot on the wooden floor. They drive me bonkers.

It's very easy, not brush needed. The bottle's point is so fine I just squeeze directly onto the embellishment. It dries completely clear and will give the object a little extra sheen. I learned it from paperclipping.com's videos.


Thanks to a tip from a friend, I "bling"ed down some not so favorite purple glitter alphas by using a Basic Grey file. I polished away the glitter until the core chipboard was left. Then I repainted to a more desirable color! I was pleased I didn't have to waste the letters and I was pleased with the results. Just thought I'd share since others may benefit from the tip. :)

Rosie N.

Great tips to make those glittered work for you!
Love your layouts :)

Erin M

You're such a trailblazer Nik! Way to encourage the glitter-phobes!!!

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