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Thanks for sharing. Awsome page!

Mandy Szeto

This is awesome!

rhonda nickol

Love how you used the polaroid stamp Geralyn and I can't wait to buy this set!

Julie Weis

absolutely love the design of this page!!


Oh, where is the LIKE button when I need it!!!! This is just awesome...

Rowena B.

This is a beautiful layout!! Wish i was this creative!!

Ellie A.

OH goodness me! I can't wait until March OH maybe we'll get lucky & they will be available w/this release!


LOVE! LOOOOOOVE! So graphic! So understated! SO AWESOOOOME!

Megan G

Love love love!! Super cute, can't wait for these stamps to be available!


cette page est magnifique !!!


You layout is great= This stamp is just awesome.

Joy A.

Ah-mazing! Great use of the Polaroid stamp. Love that set.


i know i will seriously own every new SC stamp set.
bank account is ready for this. HA!!!!


what a great use of that polaroid stamp set and what a lovely layout!


Oh my goodness, I want this stamp set! I'm headed to New York in a few weeks. Awesome!

Karen Walker

I love this! I have a layout in my head using a polaroid frame and hadn't thought of embellishing a couple of them along with using the photos! Thanks for the inspiration!


Thanks Geralyn for sharing your process and beautiful page! looks like you had fun in SF! I'll try using that other SC Polaroid stamp on a 12x12 page until I'm able to get the newer stuff in March!


really love that polaroid stamp! great layout thanks for sharing


I am blown away!!! This post convinced me that I need those stamps.


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