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Julie Mitchell

LOVE this idea. I am so doing this. 2012 will be a very hard year for me. I think this project could not come at a better time. This is something I need to do. Please remind us to open those letters in 2013!!


Davinie, what a great idea and challenge! I especially like the idea of the letter being completely sealed with thread! Thanks for your inspiration!


Did it. Posted a photo in flikr. What a great idea. Already added it to my project life binder.


K that link didn't work. Take two...the challenge can be found on my flikr page:


KATHY ( kathyb)

I did this in 2008 as part of the Heidi Swapp clas at BPS. I have letters written to all 3 children my hubby and sister to be read in 2013- next year!! I can't remember if I wrote one to me, but I will now. Thanks for the challenge.


Here is mine...


Kate aka stinkydudette

This is amazing! Thanks for a great challenge, Davinie!

Jen Day

Totally going to do this. I feel as though I have allot weighing in my heart right now and this may be the answer...And it might just get those creative juices flowing again if I try to scrap it. Thanks!

Shirley Lupton

What a neat idea. I should do this. Wish me luck. Have a happy new year.


I love this idea! I will totally do this as soon as I can get out of the internet... ;)Thanks for sharing this project with us.


i will never get a chance to declutter anything if i keep getting inspired by you and the other ladies on this site!!!

Pernilla Thorold

Here is my layout:
Thanks for the inspiration!


LOVE this idea!!!

Denise van Deventer

A great idea! I am definitely going to sit down this weekend and write a letter!


It's an amazing idea! I count to work to my PL this weekend :) I'll do it for sure!

Love and thank you for sharing!

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This is really the great way you discuss this kind of topic. Good job.

Patricia Roebuck

Beautiful and great idea!


I combined this challenge with my "one little word" for the year. My letter is in the big brown Bazzill envelope!


Loved this idea! I used it to write about what I want to be committed to this year...goals, dreams, etc.... and inserted in in my PL book to read at the end of the year. Thanks for the inspiration!

My OLW for 2012 is: Commitment!

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