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natalie murphy

this is easy for me - I am going to stay on top of scrapbooking this year - staying current - starting January I will stay on track for 2012 and then go back and try to finish up what I've been working on - for example Christmas or themes - need to stay on track at least for the year - then I won't feel so stressed - seems like I'm always trying to get caught up -


I have so much stuff, but rarely get the time to do anything with it. My resolution is to MAKE the time to use it. Instead of watching a TV show to waste time, go spend that time in my craft room while baby is sleeping. So much more productive!


Mine's simply to try to do more than I did last year. I'm not going to try to quantify, just simply to do more.

Elizabeth Parham

To do one page a month. I am a cardmaker, but I do have some pictures that really must go in a scrapbook.


I'm going to make a December Daily album! Missed it this year.

Julie M

hmmm....what to choose? This year I have been better about working on my scrapbooks & have organized my scrapbooking days much more efficiently than ever before. I think that my resolution for this year will be to change things up. Use some new things. Change my layouts (I tend to find one that I like & use it again & again & again. Very boring). Let's see if I can do it. I'm always ready for some new inspiration.


My resolution is to make a page each month with the most important things that happened that month....I hope I can realise this!

Best wishes for the new year!!


@ least a layout a week would be wonderful!!
using the SC kits I'm, well, hoarding a little! :)


Finish a project before I start the next scrapbook project

tammy g

Eat more chocolate!

Patricia F.

First priority is to get my studio organized and then get all my layouts into albums!
Thanks for the chance!


I want to use more of my stash and create more! Thanks for the chance to win.

C Davis

My 2012 scrap resolution is to incorporate more digital elements to my scrapbooks.

Michelle L

My resolution is to scrap more! Find the time! Make the time! do it!
THanks for the chance to win!

Andrea L.

My Scrapbooking Resolution Is To Start & Finish Project Life!! I've Been On The Side Lines For The Past Few Years Thinking Maybe I Shouldn't Do It Because I Dont Have Any Children Yet But I Have A Good Feeling About The Next Few Years & I Know It'd Mean A Lot To My Future Children To See How My Life Was Before & After They Came Along.. Wish Me Luck!! I Hope Everyone The Best With Their Resolutions! *Hugs

Linda H

I resolve to start and finish our family heritage album blocking time in my calendar every week.

andie librandi...

i must go through my sticker stash and de-stash. it's crazy ridiculous...i want to donate what i will never use! :)

Sandi Pressley

My resolution is to do at least one layout per week and finish off my sons' childhood albums.

Lara carson

I resolve to scrap more, and watch less tv. I also have a cute bo bunny mini that I want to make with family photos.


To stop stressing & wasting so much energy on the 'invisable rules of facebook' and just get on with it.

Betsy Gourley

To stop scraplifting so much and to come up with my own ideas more often.

Beatrice Lawson

OK, so the computer just ate my comment, LOL. I was just saying I am going to get over my fear of digital scrapbooking this year. Buying Photoshop and taking a class in January to get me going!


My new Year Resolution is to Make more Cards and use my fav PP's form Echo Park...Even though it might Break My heart To Cut them....:P

Amelia Ng

One of my resolutions is to scrap at least once a week! I can't wait for 2012.


Completion! I'm terrible for making mini albums then leaving a few pages without journaling, promising myself I'll go back & add it in. Next year I will complete them before moving on to my next project.

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