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I love your projects and their colorful pattern papers. I went to your blog and I super like it as well. It is a very inspire blog. Thanks for share your work and sorry about my English ( it's very bad :-/)

Elizabeth Gardner

Go Paige! I can't get enough of her work! Thanks for a great spotlight choice as always!


Hooray for Paige! Love her work and unique style :)

Cheryl Leong

*screams*!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Paige paige paige paige paige!!!!

Becky Williams

Beautiful work, Paige!

Amy S.

As a major patterned paper lover - I sure adore these colorful layouts!!! So fun to read more about fellow scrappers.


Your love for pattern paper sure comes through in your pages! Way to go Paige!!


loved reading this and seeing those amazing projects! thanks for sharing with us!

Lauren, Paper Love

What a great way to add in such fun paper! Thanks for sharing.

Lauren, Paper Love

Patricia Roebuck

Love seeing your use of pattern paper. Congrats!

Michelle Clement

Yay, Paige!! I *adore* her style - so lovely!

Sav O'G

I LOVE Paige--she is AMAZING! No--she is AMAZINGZING (twice the ZING!) <3

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