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Sheila Scraps (Madrid)

How can I love Jen's work this much? absolutly great and lovely. TFS


where can we get these journals from?


Neelu- it's studio calico's own product. you can get them at online stores such as www.twopeasinabucket.com, www.scrapbook.com, or at your local scrap store if they carry SC.
Very cute project Jen!


LOVE this idea...can't wait to see more!!!!!


Jen your a marvel this is so gorgeous and you can use them for so many ideas


ohhhh how cool!!!!
will they be for sale AT studio calico????
cos i think they are fabbo

beatrice lawson

This is gorgeous Jen!


Scrapbooks and Cards sent me over to see Hi.

Jessy Tramontana

Can you please tell us how to print out the photographs in squares like that? And what size they are specifically because they fit in the journal so well.


Hi Jessy,

Those are 2.5 x 2.5, I believe. I just print from my photo program and use a custom size - 2.5x2.5, and that's it!

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