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Sherry C

I may have just tagged you 5 times on one item! lol I didn't realize I wasn't following you so I had to do it over! :)


How fun!! Off to peruse Pinterest!! :) (Darn! I have to go there AGAIN!) ;)

Danielle Flanders

Lisa, I added a couple but not sure if it worked. :)

lisa truesdell

Dani & Sherry - I'm not seeing either of yours. If you email me at lisa@studiocalico.com I can try and help!

Sherry C

Lisa, I emailed you; I pinned it again to bump it up... I think it's working! :)

Valerie Durham

Okay, I think I pinned it twice trying to make sure it worked. You know....I was doing well staying away from pinterest until you all came along and inspired me! ;)

Valerie Durham

Sorry - forgot to add my user name. It was supposed to be valerie durham, but it swiped my facebook profile name (which I share with my hubby), so I think it is now Toby Durham. I'm sure he would be mortified to know his name is attached to a ton of unicorn and rainbow pics I found last night looking for birthday party ideas! ;)

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