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Jeannine H

My favorite is Picadilly! I love those country colors!

April Anderson

Wow! I love them all! Little Black Dress is fabulous, but I'd like to have any of them! :)

Janie B.

Really? You're making me decide? Well, if I have to pick just one (for now) it would be Little Black Dress. :) Thanks for the opportunity.


Love giveaway night!

Briana N.

Nordic Holiday is saying hello to me!


Nordic Holiday, please?


The Picadilly collection is so cute! I would love to win it.

lfsgud (Ann P.)

Picadilly wants me to be it's new home! ;)
T.h.a.n.k. Y.o.u., SC! :)

Patty c

Oh, man would I love to win the Nordic pack - those colors are perfect for all things winter!


Always love the BG holiday line, so that would make Nordic Holiday my first choice! :)

Julie Urban

i ♥ THEM ALL....surprise me!!

Brittney A

Picadilly - yummy!!

Tiffany W

i would love to win Indie Bloom please!


It's hard to choose, but I love Little Black Dress! Thanks for the chance to win!


India Bloom! Thank you!

Krystal Kay

Little Black DreSS! MMMMHMMMMmmmmm. :) Wonderful giveaway. Thank you so much!!

Michelle L.

I'd love all of them-- but if I had to choose, I think I'd go with Nordic Holiday. Please??? :)


I'm looking forward to Picadilly! It's just SO.....

Jessica Farris

Nordic Holiday is calling my name!


Little black dress is amazing ... crossing my fingers!

Sandi T

Oh I'd love to win the Picadilly!


I would love any of the collections!

Marilyn provost

Actually any of these would be great!


Picadilly is my fave!

Amber R.

They all look fabulous but I would love to get my hands on "Little Black Dress"! Thanks for the chance to win!

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