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How to store punches!

Barb in AK

I second that, laura!

Barb in AK

I see so many cute ideas on the internet, but usually things are out on shelves--in the open. How in the world do scrappers keep dust from piling up on their goodies? I have to leave things in drawers, see through boxes, etc. because dust is totally attracted to my scrapping materials! So my room looks like a warehouse, not a designer's room :-\


really love the candy machine for buttons...it looks so cute ! would love to have the same on my desk !



The button storage!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My son has an old gumball machine---I might just snitch it!


I store my punches on towel bars! I cute a 2' X 3' board, and mounted 4 2 foot towel bars on it. (I had also put some fabric on the board to look nice, or you could paint it beforehand) The punch levers rest open on the towel bar and lean against the board. I mounted the board on the wall above my craft table. Each 2 foot bar holds 8 of my EK success or Stampin' up punches.

Maggie H.

Any good ideas on how to store paper so you can actually see what you have?


Thanks for sharing with us Lisa!! I must keep my eyes open for a gum ball machine!


Ummmm.....so I totally pinned ALL of things on the post! Great choices. I love organization...especially when it has to do with organization craft supplies!




I agree with Barb, dust is a big thing. I have to keep everything in closed containers, otherwise it is dusty. Closed bins/containers don't make for an attractive room.

Audrey W.

I would like ideas for those of us that don't have the space for a scrap room of our own. My supplies live in a closet, a few baskets that sit on top of bookshelves, and a desk in my dining area. The problem that I have is that, because everything has to be hidden away, I tend to forget what I have. All of the lovely ideas above are a fantasy to me. How about some storage ideas for the rest of us?


Thank God I have a scrap room, and I love it, but sometimes I'm tired of the wall's color.

Ethan Mudgett

This is helpful for crafters who sell their work online or in a shop. I think organizing little stuff like these is a bit hard, since they cannot be seen easily or differentiated with only one look. An organized cabinet or shelf will definitely do the job! Don't forget to label them.

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