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Diane Payne

Great challenge! I'll definitely try to play along!

Gabrielle Lowe

Oooh I love this challenge because I actually had a photo printed from this past Cherry Blossom festival in DC. I only printed it large because I really wanted the details of this iconic restaurant in DC to show in the background. Here's the link to my LO: http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b290/kittychat/ccea7b68-1.jpg Thanks so much for the challenge!


I did it :)


I sat and stared forever at this one before I got started, and I didn't think I'd be able to do it, but I'm actually really happy with the result. (wow, long sentence). Here it is. . . hope you like it as much as I do. http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-AOEr95Xl3pU/TjhgT0DhPII/AAAAAAAAAIU/EpyWgSAvFoA/s1600/challenge.jpg


I loved this challange and feel like it really helped my get scrapping again to work on a quick and simple LO. Plus I have had this 6*12 photo printed for about a month and am so glad I finally scrapped it.



and this one - http://www.studiocalico.com/forums/galleries/edit_pictures/46100

Ashley Stephens

I tried it!


I made one more :)

Pernilla Thorold

This was fun! http://www.studiocalico.com/forums/galleries/show/46262

Katie L Cavanaugh (Mrs. C)

Here is my layout using Petrol and Mind the Gap been trying to only scrapbook pics from visits to the U.K. for these two kits! The Tower of London http://www.studiocalico.com/forums/galleries/show/46268


here is mine: http://www.studiocalico.com/forums/galleries/show/46283

Allie H

This is my take on the challenge:

Allie H

Ooops - that was the wrong one.
This is the layout:

Allison Clem

Here's my take on the challenge. Loved it-need to do it more often :)


Vanessa Molina Santamaria

LOVE this challenge and I found the perfect photo for my layout :) Hope you like it!Here it is: http://www.studiocalico.com/forums/galleries/show/46353

Vanessa Molina Santamaria

Oops!! Sorry, wrong link posted above!!

LOVE this challenge and I found the perfect photo for my layout :) Hope you like it! Here it is: http://www.studiocalico.com/forums/galleries/show/46352

rosalie boutcher

here is mine....


april foster

i love seeing what everyone made! i struggle with wanting to use my large photos on a layout, like I'm going to ruin them :)


This was so awesome to see! Thank you to everyone for participating. I hope that this challenge helped you see what you can do with enlargements...And that they are fun to work with! (And April, I don't really think you could ruin anything!)

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