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Thanks Emily, was wondering if there is specific paper you use that you've found to absorb the mist better than others?


Awesome Mle! Always love your video tutorials.


Awesome tut Emily! Love the thank you card as well! :) :) :)

Emily Pitts

emily, i used bazzill orange peel for that card, but i've also used the smooth and other textures with similar results, i'd just play around with different papers to see what happens. have fun!


Thanks I ordered a couple mists with this order, so I'm excited to finally give it a try!

Dalia Chapman

Thats cool! Love your card too!


Very cool card! I'm a newbie w/ mists and get frustrated at blobs of mist coming out. I noticed that it happened in your blue area, so maybe it's just something that you can't prevent (have no control over)? Just curious if Emily or anyone can speak to this. Thanks

Emily Pitts

jill, i've heard if you shake your bottle too much, the splats are more noticeable, so i swirl mine to mix the liquid up. but i still get some splats. i guess i'd just say embrace them :)

Andrea Thompson

Very cool. I ordered some mists too this time. Mine should be here today!!!!!

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