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Michele H.

love how you are using this album Laura! great design:)


So adorable Laura! Thanks for sharing!!


LOVE this idea!


This is great! Hope you'll show us the entire album one day :)


you = amaze me.

Dalia Chapman

Love your corner decorations and the idea of 1 sentence a day!

Monika Wright

super design that i'll have to use in my next mini...love it!

Ellie A.

DROOLING...just drooling.. I need them stamps in my life! Ha :)

Jennifer L.

Ooooh, I can't wait to get this and I'm going to do exactly what you've done, Laura! I love it!


Thanks for all your sweet comments! I am in love with the new stamps and see myself using them all the time in the coming months!

Laci M.

You'll have to do a tutorial on how to get a perfect full stamped image. 'love' in the last pic is perfect, I would mess it up.


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