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emily pitts

love seeing your life this way :) you have a great space nik and i love your fav pictures too!


Great working space! I love the balloon picture of Allie!

jackie radu

love your scrap space! one question, where on earth did you find such an awesome tiered storage piece? i love that its metal and it looks like it holds so much!

kim smart

i love your style!! i used to think allie was just the spitting image of your hubby but now i seriously think she's a perfect mix of you both!! so pretty and a great smile!!


Jackie, i found it at the Pottery barm Outlet last Spring...LOVE it!!

Jenny A

This is one of my favorite features on this blog! I love getting to know the DT and see their scrap space! I'm a huge Nik fan!


Love that space and the cool ways you put your things in order. I needed that help. Sure missed ya at Nashville CKConv. so hoping next spring will see ya again!
Are you doing Cincinnati?
Your pals, Jan & Melody from your first class in L'ville


Thanks ladies...

@Kim, her mannerisms are definitely me lol...but much of her looks JUST like Mike.


@Jan, I am indeed going to Cincinnati!!

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