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Katie G

Gosh....any.....but maybe something in Hawaii....clear water and dolphins....exotic plant life...sounds good to me!

Kristin V

I would give anything to be on any beach at the moment with my husband but would choose any beach in the Mediterreanean, probably Italy. Otherwise, I'd settle (ha, ha) for Playa Los Muertos in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico!


I am jetting of to Cyprus in exactly 3 weeks so looking forward to being on the beaches there.


I love Crete, the Greek island. So any beach on Crete, preferably on the south side of the island where the water is cooler and there are rocks on the bottom rather than sand. I love rocky beaches!


oh the south of france please, the "beach" might not be the sand glory here in sydney, but that holiday atmosphere, what could be better?


I'd love to go back to Palawan in the Philippines!


Only 3 more days and I'm actually on holiday, but it can't come fast enough! I'll be going to Hungary, which has the largest and warmest in-land lake in Europe. I'm sure it has at least one beach, so that's what I'm looking forward to!


I would love to jet off to a beach in Fiji...it was an island called Mala Mala...gorgeous white sand beach and blue, blue water...first visited there for me and my husband's honeymoon.


I love the beaches around here... I only wish the weather resembled summer more...


I would love to go back to Hawaii, but the Oregon Coast will have to do - we'll be heading there for the day in a couple of weeks.
Thanks for the chance to win!

amy tangerine

i'd like to jet off to the south of france. never been but i imagine it's just as nice as everyone says! thanks for the chance to win!


Santorini or Kefalonia (both Greece) - the Ionian Sea ist soooooo awesome!!! <3


Any beach will do as long as the weather is fine. We haven't got a sunny day in 2 weeks.

Dulcinea Silva

I have gorgeous beach a step away from my home on Portugal south. I just wish it was less crowded on this time of the year!


Love to be on any beach right now, but Fiji needs to be near the top of the list. Living in Sydney not many trump what I have at my doorstep, the only problem at the moment is the weather, bring on summer I say (can you tell I am a little over the rain right now)!

caroline hancock

I would love to be back in the US back on Venice Beach right now :)

Gina Ames

Living on a sub-tropical island I have the blessing of seeing the beach everyday. It is truly beautiful to see all the different colors of the ocean. :)

But to play along, if I was going to be whisked away somewhere I'd choose Hawaii. Then I could lounge on Waikiki during the day, and shop in the evenings. :)

Thanks for the awesome prizes & chances to win this week!

foxy lady

Has to be Barcelona Beach for me x


Bondi Beach please!!


Somewhere warmer than New Zealand...maybe back to Koh Phi Phi in Thailand as I didn't get long then when I visited - just an hour or so waiting for a ferry :-)


Mmmmmm any beach with a little sun, bar and ice-cream :) although I do like Blackpool or Gt Yarmouth for the old childhood memories :))


Mauricius!!! I dream to go there!

Margie Visnick

I would be happy with the Gulf Shores...but Hawaii or Fiji would be nice, too!


ANY ONE at all with warmth!!! sand...... and maybe a pool boy who applies sun lotion!!! lol!!!!
dreams are free!!!!


Any one that's warm! Although I'd love to go to the Croatian beaches some day, so I'll go for the Adriatic Coast for my wish-beach. :)

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