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Memoir is a big hug. I loooove it!

Billie Dee

Those papers are scruptious! I want Love Notes and Heirloom right now to add to my collection!

Michelle S

Love all of the teal, love the veneer, and of course the Mr. Huey's.

christine r

This is one of my first new sets to purchase! Love the colors!

Michelle Tan

Swoon! LOVE the colors in this line!!!

Debbie Dow

Love the die-cut papers and Mister Huey's those are so cool.


Wow I just love all the stuff I am seeing. This is such a fun time of the year!

jean arimura

I LOVE this line! The Mister
Huey paints are the best!


Oh my!! I am in love with the "Memoir" line!! The flower bed paper, heirloom, linen...ok, I them ALL!!!
Oh, cannot wait to get my hands on them!!!!

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