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Thank you for sharing this great idea Maggie!

Ashley Harris

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!! So excited I am doing this today!!

Jennifer Pebbles

Maggie, your kids are beautiful, and you have just officially sold me an iPhone. I knew I wanted one, but this pushed me right over to commited!! LOVE!

Jen B.

Thank you SO much! What a fantastic find. Can't wait to place my 1st order.

Karen Imes

oHMy....THANK YOU!!! I'm really going to love this APP!!!! I've been ordering at scrapbookpictures.com for the 3x3 and 4x4 and I REALLY like how they turned out...but this makes it seriously easier!!!!

Jenny A

Thanks for sharing this Maggie! I can't wait to try it out!


Anyone who has seen my layouts over the last year or so know that I'm a phone-photographer too. My poor D200 is almost never used anymore, except to photograph layouts.

I love the layout you show here - gorgeous!

Jamie Harper

Awesome thank you. I have a question...I am using my ipad and when I chose a 4x4 to order it is placing in my cart a 4x4 and a 4x6 for .99?? Any ideas?


Brilliant Maggie! I wonder if they deliver to the UK... A question: when I print off my instagrams at home, they're teeny tiny. Yours look quite big in comparison. Am I doing something wrong...?


These are awesome! Need to go place an order right now!

Alex Hardy

Maggie ... I jumped feet first when I saw your tweet about PostalPix. So fun. And so easy. It's totally a win win! Looking forward to more of your layouts ... They are always some of my favorites. :)

Patti Martin

I was excited to find a better way to print the instagram photos from my phone. Thanks for reminding me, I have the app but haven't used it yet!


{Pattie's passion}

I Scrap So All Moments Are Remembered!

Diane Payne

I have that app on my phone but haven't used it yet! I used my phone to take most of my photos on vacation...like you said so easy and accessible. I'm definitely going to give this a try.


Maggie...you are the best! I'm so excited about this! I already put in my first order! I'm addicted to instagram and now it's even better! Can't wait to scrap these pics! Thanks again!!!!!

kim smart

thanks for the tip! don't have an i-phone yet but am considering it just for the insta-gram photos, lol!!


This is seriously one of the most beautiful pages I've ever seen!! and thanks for the info on postalpix

april foster

i wish i knew the answers to your questions, but i'm new to this app, too! Isn't Maggie amazing for finding something so cool?

anyway, if you have technical questions about that app, you might want to ask the company directly. Maggie is awesome, but she probably can't provide technical support for everyone.

Maggie Holmes

thanks everyone!!
Not sure about the technical questions... I would just email postalpix. They have been great to work with so far and I am sure they will have some answers for you!

young c-m

Ooh, thanks for sharing!


Your layouts are beautiful! Thanks for the info on the postalpix. I can't wait to give them a try.


Thanks for the write up Maggie and thank you to everyone for the great comments! Not sure how to respond to individual comments, but here are answers to questions we saw above:

Jamie - Sorry, the layout of the cart is a little confusing right now and we'll have it fixed soon. The first (3) 4x4s, 4x6s, or combination of the two are $0.99 total. They appear as a sum on the "4x4 + 4x6" line item in the cart.

Lara - We're hoping to be in the UK soon and will keep you posted. What's the best way to let you know (email would be easiest for us)?

Rosa  Mia Nissenbaum

Wonderful idea and thanks for sharing the app!! I'm going to download it asap. So fun!


thank you SO much for posting this tip, maggie! as soon as i saw your post, i downloaded the postalpix app and uploaded my first two orders!! i can NOT wait for them to arrive! :)
thank you, again!!


Arhhh this isn't available in the UK....gutted!


thank you !!!

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