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That's a lovely card by Emily Pitts.


Emily Pitts :) Love this and KP's too


Emily Pitts

Anne B.

Yummy colors! EMILY! :)

Ellie A.

So sad the Blog Hop ends today. Thank you so much for all the amazing inspiration. What a wonderful way to end the hop w/Emily P. amazing cards including the one above.


That is a great card! Thank you for sharing!

Katie Nott

Emily Pitts made that gorgeous colorful flower! Can't wait to play with all these new products.

Kathy (kathyb)

I love Emily Pitt's design!


I can't wait to get these stamps! Oh, that's Emily's card.

Amanda J

Another amazing hop! I am so sad its ending! I CANNOT wait to get these stamps! I am going to go broke! LOL! Between these stamps and all of your collections...so worth it though! :) That lovely sneek was from the beautiful card from Ms. Emily Pitts! :)

Stephanie muzzulin

Emily Pitts created this gorgeous card!!!!Wow love all the amazing creations!!!!

Jennifer Roach

Wow, another great day of inspiration. The project is from Emily.

Mandy Starner

Emily Pitts made that adorable card! Thanks for the chance to win some amazing stamps!

Kirsten B

Emily makes such beautiful things!


The hop is wonderful and the featured card here today is by Emily Pitts!


What a fabulous card from Emily!

Peggy Allen

This card was on Emily Pitts blog. Fun hopping.
God bless,
Peggy Allen

Melissa Mann

Saw that gorgeous flower on Emily's blog!!! LOVE all the new stamps and can't wait to get my hands on them!


Can't wait for the full reveal! And that is the lovely Emily Pitts card!


Emily Pitts!!! :)

Barb M.

This cutie is from Emily Pitts.

Katie G

What a wonderful blog hop you gals put together! I have found so much inspiration! The image above is from Emily Pitts' blog Herei am, here i am....

Colleen C.

Emily Pitts made this card.


that would be emily pitts card!


Emily Pitts made a cute card with this, as well as some lovely bookmark ideas.

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