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Erica Hettwer

Adorable!!! <3

emily (justem)

love, love, love. :)
anything with a rainbow puts a smile on my face!

Sarah Klemish

Just darling April!


LOL i admit, i thought that pile doesn't look very organized to me.... ha! love this page!!


Sorry April, if you want me to concentrate on 'how it comes together' and what product you used, you're gonna HAVE TO omit that unbelievably cute/distracting face from your layout! I would pay for a chance to squeeze that bundle of awesome!


Ah, the rainbow is so darn cool.


That pile is pretty tame-at least it all coordinates! I can only work with piles like that. I'll start out neat and it gets messy FAST! LOVE the pages with Claire!


So so sweet...

Ellie A.

I have to agree you lost me once I saw the OH MY GOSH I could eat her to pieces cutie! OH how sweet! Now what was it you said about that layout ;)


Awesome post April and I love your layout!


Such a creative way to make a rainbow.

Jennifer Larson

I love how you made those wonderful stripes of color on the bottom! And that photo is amazing!


so stinkin cute! <3


April, she is beautiful! I luv your layout too. I've been scrapbooking like crazy and I love it! It's amazing that I had a store with anything I needed at my fingertips but never got to scrapbook for eight years! Your difinately better at running a business than I was, I'm so happy to see that you scrapbook even with everything you have to do, because I know how much you love it. Hugs


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