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ummm, Waleska... I kind of love you. I always have. But now that I have seen how neat you are and how you keep your desk clean I love you even more. LOVE how you use IKEA shelving and storage to keep everything hidden. I am struggling with overload right now, and it excites me to see your room because LESS is MORE to me. I see so many rooms that are filled to the brim and I just can't relate to having soo much stuff.


Ellie A.

Waleska you are just beyond FAB. Add me to your Super Bucket of in awe fans :)


Love your work Waleska, and look how darn cute you are with your sweet little guys!!! :)
I am so happy you are here at SC and inspire me with your wonderful pages!


waleska, you're gorgeous! so fun to learn more about you. :)


i just love ya, darling :) so happy to have you at SC! this little interview just makes me smile.


I love Waleska & her work. Great post :)


I feel like a dork commenting on my own post but just have to say... THANK YOU so very much ladies!! I love all of you. you are all awesome :)


Late to this game... Waleska, you are so fun and sweet and *funny*!! Thanks for making my day.


Those are some great photos! And love your space, I'm in aww that you keep it so clean!

Lauren Law

I try to organize my space...but as soon as it's time to work on something it seems everything is suddenly out of place (sigh). I also want to add that I can see why your 3 favorite photos are your 3 favorite photos...what cute boys you have. Are you saying that one of them is NOT a troublemaker? I thought ALL boys were capable (smile)!

kelli t

What an adorable mr huey holder! I must copy. And those colanders? Funny, I JUST NOW returned from the grocery store where I saw them (Safeway) and thought they were soooo cute! Impractical, but cute. Now you made me see they aren't impractical, they are a necessity! LOL Have a great weekend!


waleska...you've just inspired me to continue to purge! i am a simple scrapper so why do i keep so much stuff??? love your scrap space. i do firmly believe that less is more.


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