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Annette Allen

Those are so cool. Really pretty tooooo. Thanks for sharing


Too awesome! I love behind the scenes stuff like this. Man would I love to collect all those stickers! ;)


i just love 'em all! always look forward to seeing the "extras" in each box! BTW: I think these would make great stamps! just leave a little blank circle in the middle with the lovely pattern as a frame around it... perfect!


I agree with Shelly! That is an awesome idea!!
Great post Kelly! :)


gorgeous! now i'm sad that i didn't snag more color in time...that yellow label might just be my favorite ever!


Shelly, that is an awesome idea!! :) I would buy it!

Michelle Hernandez

awesome possum!


Those are absolutely fabulous! How I wish I could place an order of everything just to get the stickers on the bag! haha.


I love seeing those pretty labels. Behind the scenes is the best!


These are great! Very pretty!
They can easily add a bit of lovely to any package (^^)


So crazy that you posted this today because when I got my box today, I thought, "Ooooh! Love the new labels! SO pretty!" LOL. Thank you for sharing these! :-)

ellen s

love 'em. i have used them on my layouts before, LOL!

Natalie Elphinstone

oooh, I love this!
I've been collecting all my layouts and using them as journal spots in my December Daily album (yes, I'm still finishing it!!!)

Ellie A.

A Girl has to do what a Girl has to do I better start getting my pennies together huh :)

Stephen Lee Ogden

ooh ... loving the stamp idea. An entire collection of stamps based on a patterned circle with a journaling block center.

Christine Villacarlos



I wish I could be the one slapping them on!! That's the fun part!!!


I love this post! I do a "pieces of..." ephemera layout each month, and I trimmed my label to go in the baseball card page right away yesterday afternoon. :)

Johanna M

Ive kept every single label and one day, one day I will think of a cool layout for them


love that idea too and I love our label, Stephen is awesome!

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