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Oh . . .I love that layout so much! Now, to go fishing through my kits to find what to work with.

You had me at Tim Gunn. I read his book this year about "making it work" - loved it!


Your layout is amazing...sweet pictures and wonderful journalling!

I had a piece of organza rose ribbon and I just couldn't make it work anywhere! I decided to give it a go for this challenge...ended up turning it into a flower!


Thanks for the fun challenge!

Jessica R.

Here is mine. I never thought I would use those frames (or that paper although I loved it). I used both!


thanks for this challenge, otherwise i never would have used these annual paper whimsies from the napa valley kit. now i combined the title with the months and it makes sence and works: "thinking of you from jan. to dec."



I did this layout today and did a couple of challenges for me that applied here. First, I used my Slice to do a cutout window. I've been wanting to do this for a while but I've been afraid (I know, its silly, but I didn't want to waste a whole sheet of cardstock if I goofed it up) In addition, I finally busted out my hoarded SC products on this layout and one I did yesterday. You can see today's with the cutout here.


Dulce Silva

I kind of like butterflies, but so hard to use such a big ones... here is mine: http://www.studiocalico.com/forums/galleries/show/38597

Jennifer Pierce

Here's mine. Never thought I would use any raw chipboard because I really didn't know what to do with it. Fairly pleased with how the windows turned out.


Lindsay W

Loved this challenge. I really struggle when using pink. Here is mine: http://www.studiocalico.com/forums/galleries/show/38599

jamie long

anytime there is black cardstock in a kit it usually goes into my Hallween pile! I made it work with this page by adding black stitching and stamping.

rosalie boutcher

what a cool challenge! i used the metal embellies in the candy shoppe add-on! painted them till they were usable! hehe


Kirsten B

I struggle each month to make the Sass papers work for me! After a year, I finally found a way to use this one!


I used a package of rubons on mine. I'm horrible with using rubons so I just slapped it down and went with it. (but I'm kinda happy I used it all up and don't have anymore!) : )


here is my take!! I NEVER use black paper!! so here you go !! I took my candy shoppe kit and made it work !!!

in the end I love this layout! so thank you for the challenge!!

Jenny A

Thanks for the challenge Tina! I wanted to give away the Punky Sprouts Lil' Blooms but instead I challenged myself to use them.


Jen Thompson

Label stickers, my dreaded enemy! Here's mine: http://www.studiocalico.com/forums/galleries/show/38698

Lisa J

I always have such a hard time using my Fabrips because they're so gorgeous & I'm somewhat intimidated by them.
Here's my layout -> http://www.studiocalico.com/forums/galleries/show/38708

Belinda Chang Langner

Here's mine! :) I don't normally use rub-ons at all!


I had my new SC goodies just sitting on my table just calling my name to be used... just so happened that I also had a new picture of me with a lovely story behind it... So I made the two work :) I am pretty sure "Guess your weight" paper is officially a favorite! I now need more of it :)



I didn't like the metal frames from the Pulled Taffy add-on, but I tried to make them work :) Thanks for the challenge, Tina!


I tend to hoard my fabrips. I love them, but don't use them as much as I should. I used two strips on this LO. http://www.studiocalico.com/forums/galleries/show/38802


Here's mine:
I love misting on other people's layouts, but I can't 'make it work' on my own; so on this layout, I made it work!


I've had this "map" paper since the Yearbook kit and had no idea what to do with it! But I finally put it to good use. Here:



Here is mine. I love that blue eclusive blue with roses paper from Candy Shoppe but i really didn't know how i was going to use it till I created this layout.http://www.studiocalico.com/forums/galleries/show/38819


Here is another LO I made - typically I hoard the SC lines but I was inspired to use the new lines for this LO along w/ one of the veneer frames I have been holding onto. Also finally used the cloud stamps that I love but just haven't used before (w/ Mr Huey to ink them w/)

Adriana P.

Like you, my challenge is to use the ribbon in a kit. I used mine here:


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