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Magdalena Stigson

My favorite thing about spring is picking the kids up from day care and taking a looong detour on the way home to look at all the things that catches their eye!Snails, butterflies, flowers - everything is an adventure to a child.


The days getting longer...the time change! I love when it stays light out later!!


Hi !! my favorite thing about spring is ot be able to stay hours on end in our gorgeous garden!! love to see the sunset on our trees! thanks for this chance to win!!


My favorite things about spring are the weather and light at "golden hour." Two things that are wonderful for photos. :D


My favourite thing about spring is the trees and plants starting to spring to life after their winter sleep.


My favorite thing about spring is fresh flowers and longer days. This spring will be a first for my baby girl and we are SO excited to experience it with her!


My favorite thing about Spring is when the trees start to bud and come back to life after the winter...I love the Chinese Plum that is covered in beautiful pink blossoms before the dark plum leaves show up.


My favorite thing about spring is seeing nature spring to life! Green starting to appear out of the ground, early flowers starting to bloom, the scent of lilacs in the air...


My favourite thing about spring? Has to be seeing the the green buds coming up from the ground and the buds opening on the tree.


Flip flops! Or at least the promise that it will soon be warm enough to wear them :)


More sunshine at the end of the day ~ perfect for a nice spring walk around the neighborhood!


We have since twoo weeks ago wonderful tree with flowers and the days are more longers ... (Pffff sorry for my english) ... Biz Delf


I love blue skies, buds appearing on the trees, and birdsong :) It's a season of promise!


What i love about spring is the light a


It's gotta be daylight! Hours of hours of daylight! No more snow, no more below zero.. I love springtime! :D

Andrea M.

Dang these sneaks come up quickly! Time sure flies! Spring means the sweet smell of orange blossoms drifting through the house, a whole week to stay home with my baby girl, and summer vacation is just 10 weeks away! :)

liz in MO

My favorite thing about spring is when the crocus' start peeking out of the ground and blooming!

Claire W

I love those sunny days when there's still a nice breeze. They make me feel so positive!


awee... the warmer weather & all the colors coming back :)

Laura Evangeline

I love that the grass is finally GREEN!


Warm weather!


my fave in spring - singing birds and tulips!


I love being able to go barefoot in flats & the buds on the trees.


Rustling leaves, the fresh green kind! Super - I can't wait!


Spring for me is all about cherry blossoms and (hopefully - I live in England!) seeing sunshine again.

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